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Taylor G McConnachie


Senior Editor

With over 15 years freelancing in the film industry, Taylor has edited, colour corrected, and post supervised a number of projects for broadcast, web streaming, and theatrical release.

Her early life bolstered her with the mentality to think creatively, not conventionally, and the desire to bring people together to create change is inherent. 

Her early career provided the experience to quickly realize that mentorship is at the heart of enacting that positive change to not only the film and television industry as a whole but also how we connect to the stories we tell and therefore how we tell them.

"Mentorship is community, and the ability to relate to one another deepens within community every minute of every day. "

Delivering to a variety of networks such as ABC, Disney, Bloomberg Originals, Crave, Hulu, Discovery, APTN, CBC, and beyond, she has offered a genuine approach to story telling, creating awareness and providing connection between people across the globe.

"I pride myself in my work. There's honestly not a project that I've worked on that I haven't invested myself 100% in. I think that says a lot about who I am as a person but also the love I have for my craft and therefore my company.


I started Coma Edits in 2011 and I have learned a lot growing alongside it but most importantly I have seen the ways in which post-production can come to a crippling halt as well as the ways it can flourish.

Coma Edits is a place you can bring your post-production needs and be confident you will have great talent developing a top quality product, with all deadlines guaranteed, led by someone well versed in the industry and has a knack for solving problems before they happen. We're creating a new standard for post production here at Coma Edits."




Executive Producer

"A passion for the creative and a head for business"


A successful entrepreneur and producer in the film, television and music industry for more than 30 years, Patrick has helped build and manage a variety of profitable entertainment business operations.

Cameron’s business ventures include Samaritan Entertainment, PCM Worldwide and TwoThreeFive Films, where he oversaw the development, financing and production of hundreds of music videos and commercials as well as several feature films. His most recent position, prior to joining Coma, was SVP Operations at Cream Productions where he developed and supervised internal control systems as well as the production of hundreds of hours of TV programming for several major networks.

Now with an intention to provide services and create space for stories of sovereignty; identity; sustainability; and mental health,

Patrick has teamed up with like-minded Taylor G McConnachie

to develop a business environment that nurtures emerging talent to tell these stories. 


Coma Edits will stand as a company that serves it’s community, team, and the environment with as much priority as it serves it's business goals.

“In the coming years we can expect to see great strides not only in our business success but also in our non-profit efforts.

We will dig deeper into supporting people’s desired career paths. We will begin to see a steady stream of interns and mentees from all walks of life as our community outreach / engagement expands.


Our Green agenda is ramping up in conjunction with government and third party initiatives and we can expect sweeping changes over the coming months across all operations. Finally, last but certainly not least, we will begin community support efforts to initiate what I think is an important measure of the success Team Coma will enjoy – how much can we share?!”

Jane MacRae

Jane macrae

Post Producer

Senior Editor

Jane MacRae is an award-winning editor with over 15 years’ experience in feature films and series. In addition to her regular projects, she provides development, editorial, and post-production consultation services for both scripted and documentary productions through her company Fast Hat Films. 

“My first few years were spent in machine rooms, troubleshooting tape decks and Avid systems, converting camera formats and frame-rates and QCing broadcast masters. In the time since, I’ve brought a technical mindset to all of my projects, smoothing out workflows to ensure that the creative side can thrive.”




AE Supervisor

Nakita is a film editor that doesn’t gravitate to any one genre. She thrives on the promise that every project is unique and offers a new set of challenges and inspiration, pushing her to refine her craft every single day.

“While working in a variety of genres sharpens my skills, topics relating to culture, anthropology, natural sciences and environmental issues worldwide really speak to me. I am particularly inspired when a documentary truly provides the audience with a fresh perspective and an enthusiasm for the content. I love collaborating and seeing all the hard work come together in the end is the best part of my work.”



Executive Producer

Senior Colourist

Jimi (James) Leigh Kinistino,

is an Indigenous Toronto based cinematographer, director, CSA award winning editor, colourist

and filmmaker.

"I'm interested in projects that matter, that inspire and that have heart and empathy.

Everyone has a voice and all those voices and stories matter. It's how we share.

I love being a small part of that sharing."

Aniket Sawant


Online Editor

With a creative vision and technical prowess, Aniket brings stories to life through meticulous editing and seamless integration of visual elements.


His journey in post-production began with a passion for storytelling and a fascination with the magic of film and video. Through years of honing their craft, Aniket has become a master of the editing suite, adept at weaving together footage, sound, and effects to evoke emotion and captivate audiences.


Whether working on films, documentaries, or digital content, their commitment to excellence shines through in every frame. With an unwavering dedication to perfection, Aniket transforms raw footage into polished masterpieces, leaving an indelible mark on the world of visual storytelling.

"Editing isn't just about cutting clips; it's about sculpting stories, moulding emotions, and painting dreams onto the canvas of film."

Olive Reed


Lead Assistant & Junior Editor

Olive is a Toronto-based director and editor, with over 7 years of experience across all aspects of post production; with a passion for documentary storytelling and good, clean AE work.


Olive is driven by the collaborative nature of film and is focused on telling community driven and queer focused stories.

“I have love for both the creative and technical sides of editing, and being able to use these skills in collaboration with other filmmakers to tell meaningful stories is such a joy and privilege.


Helping others to share personal experiences through film can be incredibly powerful and the role the edit plays in that process is key to how stories are handled and told.”

Caelin Holmes


Junior Editor

Inuk artist, Caelin Holmes

(a.k.a. The Inuk Crook) started editing through making skateboarding videos for friends and social media. After a brief stint at OCADU and time spent in various training programs, Caelin is focused on bringing his skills into Toronto's growing film scene.

"I come from a line of skilled tradespeople, so filmmaking has supported my family financially for years.


Film as a form of expression wasn't something that was obvious to me, for a long time I thought making movies was just for paying bills.


I feel privileged to have been able to explore the artistry within the industry, and I'm glad to say that film keeps me fed physically and spiritually. 

Also shoutout to Mark Igloliorte."



Junior Editor

Derek Christoff is an award winning songwriter, producer and editor with a passion for storytelling. His autobiographical approach to Hip Hop has earned him widespread recognition, garnering 4 Juno Award Nominations, 1 MMVA nod, and a number of collaborations with Canadian music royalty - Ron Sexsmith, Bif Naked, Neverending White Lights, Fred Penner, Classified, etc. Under the pseudonym D-Sisive, Derek ranked #9 on CBC’s Top 25 Greatest Canadian Rappers of All Time and won Socan’s Echo Songwriting Prize for his song, Nobody With A Notepad.

Derek found himself drawn into the world of editing while juggling the responsibilities of Music Supervisor and Talent Coordinator for the Telus-funded docu-series, Cypher. “We were behind on a deadline, and I was asked to help a junior editor with a sequence. I was terrified at first, but quickly fell in love with the artform. I’ve been obsessed ever since.”


Whether through his music or editorial work, Derek aspires to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact with every story he tells.



Senior Editor

Born in Hong Kong, made in Canada - Victor C.H. Fan is an award-winning picture editor with 10+ years in the industry. His work has been selected at festivals from TIFF to Sitges; and can be seen on platforms from CBC to Netflix.


He is an alumnus of the Canadian Film Centre, U of T's cinema program and the Hart House Film Board. The latter where he learned his craft by cutting his own shorts and docs, while moonlighting on Hollywood film sets around town. This multidisciplinary filmmaking ‘upbringing’ informs his approach to the edit: which places the emotional experience of the audience before rules and conventions - The need to inspire at the heart of every creative choice.

"Film can evoke empathy, and inspire positive action more directly than any other medium. To make films that aspire to this goal remains the only purpose that makes the long hours and sacrifices worthwhile for me."



Assistant Editor

Post Co-ordinator

Ella Holmes is a young Inuk woman with a burning passion for film, eager to be involved in the industry and produce meaningful and unique content.


With experience in organization and enthusiasm for the work, assistant editing and project coordination have been an amazing introduction to the game for Ella.

"Film has always made sense to me. I don’t remember a time in my life where I wasn’t yearning for the opportunity to be involved in the industry, and with family in the trade, it feels like a part of my soul.


Bringing ideas to life on the screen is an honor and responsibility that I am glad to be a part of. Doing anything else would be inconceivable!"

Colin O'Neill


Graphic Designer

Colin has always been obsessed with movies, TV and technology. This lead him to study Interaction Design in college, where he was first introduced to video editing and motion graphics. He was asked to create a video for an app he made for his thesis, and loved every second of the process. He's been at it ever since, honing his craft and helping to illustrate complex machinery, interesting stories and engaging the viewer that little extra bit.

"I pride myself on figuring out problems, repairing things and optimizing. When someone pitches an idea to me, I'm as enthusiastic to figure out how to accomplish it as they are. I love what we do and can rarely wait for the next project."

Daniela Navas


Graphic Designer


Daniela is a graphic designer/artist, art director and photographer with a passion for all aspects of the creative process. A self-starter with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. She has experience in the fields of design, advertising and video production.

"My creativity has always been my passion. I love working on all kinds of creative projects, with diverse clients and delivering the best results to suit both a desire to express my creativity and satisfying clients' needs."



Multidisciplinary Artist


bekky O'Neil is a multidisciplinary artist, animator, writer & director based in Northumberland County, Ontario.

She is a graduate of the Interdisciplinary Masters in Art, Media & Design at OCAD University with a focus on Animated Documentary and Sustainable Agriculture, and holds a BFA in Playwrighting and a second BFA in Film Animation from Concordia University.  bekky is the co-founder of Cardboard Reality Farm & Studio where she collaborates with her partner on making films and growing flowers. 


She is a part time Professor of Media Studies at Loyalist College in Belleville and a Sessional Instructor in the Experimental Animation Program at OCAD University in Toronto.  Her films have played and garnered awards at festivals around the world.

"Animated film is an incredible medium for sharing ideas and asking difficult questions. I am passionate about its ability to abstract or translate the real into the realm of the poetic.  I believe it is the duty of the independent media creator to provide alternative narratives."

Mike Duncan


Sound Designer


With over 25 years experience in the industry, Mike has seen it all...well, ok, most of it. From orchestral record to sound design to the final mix, Mike has worked with the best and delivered. He's had films at TIFF, HotDocs and festivals around the world, and delivered to major broadcasters, CTV, CBC, PBS, Discovery, TSN, National Geographic, TVO, Global, ARTE, NHK, and on.

"Sound is a big part of the story. When done well you may hardly be aware, but is is shaping mood and immersing you in the story.

I love what I do for a living, and I believe it shows in the work.


Years of experience allows me to sense direction and texture and todays' advancing tech helps get me there in a hurry. I still get excited when the mix comes together and begins to work with picture, taking things to the next level."

Wolfram Kurz



Wolfram Kurz is a multi-instrumentalist that has been composing, sound designing, and mixing for over two decades, and playing music for three.

"Music is the matrix that composes the soul of our world. Audio as a whole moves and affects us in ways that very few other things can. Our audio department is able to craft precision soundtracks to fit any instrumentation or genre requirements to your project may entail.

Designing custom tailored aural environments in which your vision can live and breathe is a practice that is close to our hearts. Warm audio mixes and unique sound design married with original music rounds out the full score of audio abilities we can offer."

Matthew O'Halloran



Matthew O'Halloran is a composer and songwriter who combines both worlds to create original music. With a fondness for unorthodox instruments and modern soundscapes, he brings a non-classical approach to TV and film scores. As a songwriter and performer, he has travelled the world playing keyboards, guitar, drums and vocals.

"The thing that's great about composing for picture is that you're never starting with a blank page.

It's a true collaboration with everyone and everything. There's already months and years of artwork in place to inspire you. You're often given these deeply unique characters inside a well constructed story arch and a visually captivating set; while the lighting and cinematography is capturing the atmospheres and performances. The picture edit, foley and dialogue have already created this great structure and pace. 

All these elements come together to influence new musical themes and soundscapes that would never exist without them.

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