Co-Owner, Post-Supervisor,
, Colourist

Taylor McConnachie

With over 10 years in the film industry, Taylor has edited, colour corrected, and post supervised a number of projects for broadcast, web streaming, and theatrical release. 


"I pride myself in my work. There's honestly not a project that I've worked on that I haven't invested myself 100% in. I think that says a lot about who I am as a person but also the love I have for my craft and therefore my company. I started Coma Edits in 2011 and I have learned a lot growing alongside it but most importantly I have seen the ways in which post-production can come to a crippling halt as well as the ways it can flourish.


Coma Edits is a place you can bring your post-production needs and be confident you will have great talent developing a top quality product, with all deadlines guaranteed, led by someone well versed in the industry and has a knack for solving problems before they happen. We're creating a new standard for post production here at Coma Edits."